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Jan 7, 2010 at 7:45 AM

This looks very nice. I've been using the plotting that comes with the Silverlight toolkit. Have you compared what they have there with what you have?

Also, one problem I found with their toolkit was the performance when attempting to plot a "histogram" of a hundred bins (or points). The amount of time that took was enough that it made the UI less than interactive. Have you done any testing like that (I suspect the problem was data binding to the data for every single point).

Jan 13, 2010 at 10:03 AM

I'm sorry replying you so late!

Of course I've compared charts both in Visifire and Silverlight Toolkit.  The reason for my TC.Chart building is that, I found a lot requirements on UI from many users can not be implemented.  Because charts in Visifire and Silverlight Toolkit are not fully templatable.  Controls in these two groups are implemented in classical programming model: 'Draw' in code behind as GDI+.  So designers can do nothing without watching and talking to tell developers what to do.  Silverlight is a powerful tool not only because of its User eXperience, but also its Developer eXperience and Designer eXperience.  So I do TC.Chart with Silverlight's power to make developers' and designers' life happy.

Your problem is not a technology problem.

Software is not a perfect guy. Each software should solve one problem.  Chart is used for making a decision.  No one can read a hundred data at the same time to make a decision.  The question itself should not make sense.  Maybe you have a special question domain.  If yes, please go on with our discussion.

Thanks for your first support! haha~